Burn Times

How long will my candle last?

A very good question!  There are several factors that will impact how long your candles lasts.  Jar size, wick, environment, the length of time you burn it for (no more than 3 hours at a time!), and even the wax type and scent, but assuming it's not siting in a draft and you are a smart candle lover, and only burn for max 3 hours at a time, your candle should last you approximately six hours per ounce. Beeswax lasts longer than soy and soy lasts longer than paraffin (but we don't use paraffin here).  

Cotton Wicks burn at a different rate than wood wicks. If your candles has 2-3 wicks it will burn at a different rate from a candle that has as single wick.

Soy Wax
Weight Time/Hrs
2 oz 12 +/-
4 oz  16 +/-
4 oz  24 +/-
5 oz 30 +/-
6 oz 36 +/-
7 oz 42 +/-
9 oz  54 +/-
10  oz  60 +/-
12 oz  72 +/-
16 oz  96 +/-