Don't let the b--tards get you down - It's time to move forward - Light your candle

2020 has been a crazy year.  Covid-19 sent many people home in March and many people are still there.  It's sent online sales, for some businesses, skyrocketing (we see you Amazon), and for others, they've had to close their doors. It's been mixed for ENW.  Last Fall we had a lot of shows where I was able to meet and greet customers, which was wonderful.  This year, not so much.  We might have one show in November, but that's only if things settle enough for us and those attending to safely do so.

Despite all this, the crazy no school, online school, work, no work, WFH, masks meh who needs 'em (uh we do!), don't go out without a mask, the days still pass and the seasons still change.  Mother Nature has her own timetable, and we are all just along for the ride.  Normally I would be a little more reluctant to let go of the warmer weather and head into fall, but honestly, I'm just done with all of it.  The stress, the anxiety, the constant unknown. The will I or won't I get sick or worse.  The never-ending media coverage and the ongoing state of politically disingenuous behavior.  

All the unrest and lack of respect for so many of our country's population.  Black Lives do Matter, and they have been undervalued for far too long.  As have our LGBTQIA communities. We all need to learn how to better respect each other.  To listen to each other without malice, and to hear without prejudice.  To forgive. To let go. Or find some peace if that is what you can do.  To disagree and realize it is ok to do so.  And now the Notorious RBG has left us.  Yet one more loss this year.  

All the fires have left the air heavily filled with smoke.  You can't go outside, and don't forget to close your windows.  People, animals, homes, all lost.  As if a global pandemic wasn't enough.

Normally by this time of year, I'm looking forward to leaves changing with the air. All the colors in the trees, before they surrender and sleep for another season. Crisp and clear, it's time for sweaters and boots, caps and candles.  Orange and black enveloping October and happily saluting my black cats.  Even the sounds of football bring a smile, if only to remind me what season we are in.

There is so much to look forward to and so much to celebrate in life.  But it's hard to remember that, or even see it.  We are mired in muck and mud.  A worldwide epidemic that no one seems to have clear answers on.  How to make things better or at least less terrible.  The morass of an upcoming election in the US, and the negativity that brings out. So much passion.  So much energy.  Think of what that much effort could do if it were used for good instead of against each other.

So, this season, as best I can in the world I live in, I will be looking forward.  And up.  I will make my candles, do my work, love my family and friends, and hug (when they allow it) my furry creatures.  Just because the world has gone to hell in a handbasket, does not mean I need to help carry it there. Time to take back my peace of mind. Enough is enough. 

I invite you to join me.  

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